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Whitter Bach Festival

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Had a wonderful time Friday evening Slider_BachFestivalperfoming with the Horizon Music Group led by a fellow USC alum and friend, Christian Campos.  I always enjoy most performing in a chamber music setting, and it was a very enjoyable experience playing with talented musicians.  It was crazy going back to USC and seeing all the changes that have been made in the music school since I was last there!  Looking forward to perfroming with this group again!

Rogers Middle School

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Just started coaching at Rogers Middle School as well!  Violin/viola sectionals.

Newcomb School Teaching

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I am now coaching violin/viola sectionals at Newcomb K-8 for the middle school students.  These are a great group of students eager to work on technique and repertoire.  These experiences remind me just how important music in the public schools is.  I feel blessed to have grown up in a community that values music education for children, but there are so many students out there with no access.

All District Orchestra

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LBUSD_LogoI am so excited to get to coach the viola section of the Middle School Long Beach Unified All District Orchestra.  This was such a fun and important part of my middle school experience growing up, and this opportunity developed my passion for orchestra.  Winning the Ohlendorf award inspired me to keep pursuing music and develop lifelong friends and colleagues.

New Students

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I am very excited to be looking for more students!


Summer Shows with JSOH!

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post1The summer is coming to an end and so are the outdoor concerts with Just South of Heaven.  It was a really fun summer full of great crowds all throughout the suburbs of Chicago.  Now that I am in California, I will need to find myself a new band to play with!

This is a pic of our last show in Joliet.  Miss everyone already!

Last Day with HPSI

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After 2 years with Hyde Park Suzuki, it was really hard for me to say goodbye and move to California.  I have had such a great time teaching this group of kids, and the staff and faculty were just amazing.  Truly the best teaching experience I have had! These photos are from my last day with the school–our goodbye celebration in the park.

HPSI Block Party

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hpsi 1HPSI just performed as part of the UChiccago Block Party.  I am so proud of all these students who showed up to perform for the community.  I always love leading the group!

Teacher Training @ Indiana University

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I just spent the past 10 days taking a teacher training course at the Indiana University Summer String Academy.  It was extremely informative and inspirational.  Ever since my initial training at Norhtwestern University, I have respected the approach taught by Mimi Zweig, Brenda Brenner, Stacia Spencer, and Rebecca Henry.  These students are so well developed musically and technically, and I think there is always so much to learn as a teacher.  The best way we can serve our students needs is by always accepting new ideas.

JSOH plays Bolingbrook & Elk Grove

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jsoh 3 jsoh 2


Here we are perfoming sound check (left) at Elk Grove and playing for a crowded venue at Bolingbrook (right).