Traditional Lessons


nateThe term “traditional lessons” encompasses a lot of different ideas and terms associated with music teaching.  In general, it refers to private teaching not affiliated with another method, such as the Suzuki method.  What that means to Jackie as a teacher is that there are no group lessons.  She still uses a lot of the ideals that are integral to her teaching as a whole (and often might be associated with the Suzuki method)–emphasis on ear training and posture development before note reading, parental involvement in lessons, and an approach to polishing music at every level of development.



Adult Lessons

Jackie has taught numerous adults of all ages and abilities.  Adults often prefer the traditional approach of a weekly private lesson without a group lesson.  The main difference in teaching adults versus children is the introduction of note reading.  With adults, it is a more cerebral approach–learning to read at a much earlier stage. There are more intellectual discussions of music theory and history that are incorporated into the learning of even elementary pieces.  She welcomes adults to come learn the instrument for the first time, or pick it up again after many years!